Week Off

Kicking off the new year with a week to myself. This isn’t a self-imposed vacation, but more an accidental relief week due to my partner’s work trip to California. Ah, what dreams may come.

When I heard of his trip, I decided to set some goals for my week alone. What was I hoping to accomplish? What was the most important thing I needed to do (that is hard to do when you have competing priorities)? I gave myself the following to-do list:

  • Create a raw and/or vegan and/or healthy week of recipes.
  • Buy all the groceries needed at the beginning of the week (and don’t overdo it).
  • Don’t shop excessively online.
  • Take baths.
  • Go on long walks with Jerry.
  • Clean out my closet, clean the bookshelves, just clean everything I’ve been hoarding.
  • Actually cook the food purchased.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Read everyday.
  • Don’t binge watch TV.
  • Design and sew.

It’s a lengthy list, but not unattainable. Here’s how it actually went down:

  • Found recipes/purchased all food needed on Friday afternoon. I did purchase a few extras (I couldn’t help myself).
  • Cooked most of the food I planned.
  • I shopped online – not a lot but enough. Check?
  • Baths everyday!
  • Jerry’s walks are long-ish, and I don’t like exercising so I set myself up for failure on that one.
  • Closet, bookshelf, bathroom, kitchen, living room are CLEAN and devoid of all crap collected over the years. Sentimentality be damned!
  • Currently reading: Dan Brown’s Inferno (and have been since my trip to DC in December); Eula Biss’ On Immunity (new pick from the library); and Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals (sad story about this one).
  • Sewed a new crop-top button down thanks to a friend’s generous donation of all his old button downs. Cha-ching! Made Jerry a little blanket/coat. Made a pinterest-unworthy curling iron holder (it’s pathetic).
  • Watched all seasons of The Killing. Check….

I’d call it a successful week, and I’m only half way through it! There were a few things I haven’t done, and will most likely never do, but I was able to do a few other things just for me:

  • Went to the library! I love, love bookstores and libraries and anywhere that sells books (hence the hoarding habit for books). I checked out three fun, women-centered movies with dark comedic themes. It felt soothing to watch one a night over a glass of wine and finely (?) cooked meal.
  • Went to a bookstore! I purchased an incredibly interesting non-fiction centered on Nazi ideology, populism, and how 1930s Germans reacted to the insurgence of the Third Reich. I felt like it was a timely purchase considering the current political climate in the world.
  • Went to the record store! I acquired four lovely jazz albums that I’ve been playing everyday during my reading, bathing, sewing time. Will certainly purchase more.
  • Had some good friend time and watched the Super Bowl.
  • Hung out with Jerry nonstop.

We shall see what happens from here.



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